The Custom Solar Solutions Installation Process

An easy transition to clean solar energy

Site Survey

Less than 7 business days

A certified team visits your property to evaluate your solar eligibility.

Design Review

Est. 7 business days

Deliver final design for your custom solar solution.


Est. 10 - 14 business days

Obtain building permits from local jurisdiction.


Est. less than 7 business days

Scheduling and installation of your custom solar system and potential energy storage.


Est. 10 - 14 business days

Custom Solar Solutions performs a quality assurance review concurrently with the local jurisdiction inspection.

Permission to Operate

Est. 7 business days

Once inspections are passed, we work with the utility company to obtain approval to energize your system.


Recommended but optional service

We’ll provide a solar system quality inspection every 6 months to check connections, review the production of panels, and clean your solar array.

Custom Solar Solutions

Custom Solar Solutions can install a sleek, modern solar array onto your roof or property once you’re ready to make the easy transition to clean solar energy!

As a premier solar installer in Georgia, we aim to work with homeowners to design custom solar panel systems to provide clean energy throughout Metro Atlanta and beyond. For a top tier solar installer in Atlanta, reach out to us and take the first step toward renewable electricity.

Save Money
You'll save money on electric utility costs each month. Protect yourself against utility company rate hikes
Keep More of Your Money
Receive the 30% Federal Tax Credit by going solar today!
Increase Value!
Homes with solar have a 4.1% increased home value over homes without solar.
Climate Change
Feel better knowing that you're contributing to the fight against climate change by reducing your carbon footprint.
25-Year Warranty
Solar panels come with a 25-year warranty and can withstand winds of up to 150 miles per hour.
Low Maintenance
Solar panels don’t require much maintenance beyond an annual cleaning.
Latest Technology
The latest technology allows homeowners to monitor their power generation through their own personal app.
Get In Touch
For a top tier solar installer in Atlanta, reach out to us and take the first step toward renewable electricity.