70 %

Your Business could Save 50% – 70% on electric costs per year.

Custom Solar Solutions can design a custom commercial solar system tailored to the specific needs of your property making an easy transition to clean solar energy. Whether you are a business ownercommercial property manager, or a developer planning a new project for an industrial facility, we can work together to lower your operating costs or make your properties more appealing to potential tenants by offering them lower utility costs than your competition. You’ll save money on energy costs each month and feel better knowing that you’re contributing to the fight against climate change, reducing your carbon footprint, and increasing the public perception of your commitment to renewable energy. As a leading commercial solar installer in Georgia, we aim to work with Atlanta businesses to design custom solar panel systems to provide clean energy. For a top-tier commercial solar system developer in the city of Atlanta, reach out to us and take the first step toward renewable electricity.

After your commercial solar energy system installation, we’d be pleased to offer an energy audit to see what else may be done to enhance your energy efficiency and lower your monthly electricity bill. By personalizing your renewable energy system to your specific needs, and in the future, our team of certified installers, licensed electricians, and professional engineers aims to ensure that your system is robust and sustainable. 

Our broad knowledge of solar power enables us to evaluate the specific electric usage circumstances of each commercial property owner and offer cost-saving solutions tailored to each of their solar energy objectives.

Save Money

Save money on electrical costs for your business with a custom solar solution.

The Smart Choice

Lower long term costs means a stronger long term business outlook.

Environmentally Responsible

Do your part to offset your carbon footprint.

Protect Your Business

Power outages? No problem. Backup batteries keep your business going.