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Georgia’s Premier Solar Company

ADD VALUE WHILE SAVING MONEY on your energy bill with Custom Solar Solutions. Installing panels typically results in a home value increase of 6.8%! The cost of solar installation has fallen 70% in the past 10 years. Now is your chance!

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Custom Solar Solutions can install a sleek, modern solar array onto your roof or property if you’re interested in making the easy transition to clean solar energy. You’ll save money on energy costs each month and feel better knowing that you’re contributing to the fight against climate change, reducing your carbon footprint, and raising the possibilities for a better future for all of humanity. As a leading solar installer in Georgia, we aim to work with Atlanta homeowners to design custom solar panel systems to provide clean energy throughout Metro Atlanta.

Following your solar energy system installation, we’d be pleased to offer a home energy audit to see what else may be done to enhance your energy efficiency and lower your monthly payment. By personalizing your renewable energy system to your energy requirements today and in the future, our team of certified installers, licensed electricians, and professional engineers aim to ensure that your system is robust and sustainable. Our broad knowledge of solar power enables us to evaluate the specific electric usage circumstances of each client and offer cost-saving solutions tailored to each of their solar energy objectives.

Invest In Solar & Battery Backup

The payback is sooner than you think!

We look forward to using our collective solar experience and high-quality components to customize a solar system to meet your unique energy needs.

Real Connection

Our customers aren’t just faceless numbers. They are our neighbors, friends, and families residing within our communities. Being family owned allows us to provide the highest quality solar systems as we aim to lower the utility costs for our community members. It also gives us the control to create jobs within our community.

Certified & Qualified

Our team of highly qualified solar installers have years of experience, our design and installation teams work closely together to deliver a customized solar system that addresses your property constraints and meets your unique energy needs.

Transparent customer service

Behind it all, at Custom Solar Solutions you aren’t just a transaction, we believe in relationships and in putting our customers and their solar power needs first. We strive to provide transparent customer service and satisfaction for all or our excellent services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

Why Choose Custom Solar Solutions?

Custom Solar Solutions – a family-owned solar design and installation company based in Sandy Springs, GA. Our team of 100% In-House, NABCEP-certified, and State-licensed professionals have done over 1000+ designs and installations across GA. We look forward to using our collective solar experience and high-quality components to customize a solar system to meet your unique energy needs.

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Invest In Solar & Battery Backup | The Payback Is Sooner Than You Think