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ADD VALUE WHILE SAVING MONEY on your energy bill with Custom Solar Solutions. Installing panels typically results in a home value increase of 6.8%! The cost of solar installation has fallen 70% in the past 10 years. Now is your chance!

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The payback is sooner than you think!

We look forward to using our collective solar experience and high-quality components to customize a solar system to meet your unique energy needs.

From solar pergola to ground mounts, we take pride in delivering custom solar system designs for each of our customers. No matter if your primary goal is to maximize your long-term savings, boost your brand’s reputation, become energy independent or resilient, Custom Solar Solutions is passionate about assisting homeowners and businesses in switching to a more affordable and ecologically friendly source of electricity.

We’ll Get It Right the First Time

Our team of specialists can design a one-of-a-kind custom solar installation or EV chargers. We take great delight in designing distinctive and imaginative solar structures for our local community, and we’ll work hard to design a unique PV array that meets your demands and goes above and beyond your expectations. We can install whatever you can imagine!

In addition, to help you lower the cost of incorporating solar into your property, CSS will work with you to take advantage of all solar incentives offered by your local, state, and federal jurisdictions. For example, you can eliminate constantly rising electricity expenses by taking advantage of the federal government‘s 30% Solar Tax Credit.

EV Charging in Atlanta, GA

At Custom Solar Solutions LLC., we are pleased to offer you top-tier home EV charging station options. Our charging systems provide EV drivers with a wide range of charging choices for a variety of different electric vehicles while being compact, practical, and incredibly powerful. Our state-licensed electricians will make sure your custom EV Charging System is running efficiently for you during every use.

For hybrids and electric vehicles, there are many different types of home garage charging options. Custom Solar Solutions has the experience to install these home chargers quickly, minimizing installation costs. While charging an electric car using conventional wall outlets could take up to 70 hours, Custom Solar Solutions has choices that can charge your electric vehicle in less than 8 hours.

Easy EV Charger Installation Process:

·       No HOA Approval Needed
·       No Permit Needed
·       24-Hr Install Guarantee
·       Inspection to install is seamless and easy
·       2-year warranty


According to reports, 80% of EV owners in the United States charge their cars overnight at home. When an EV charging station is installed at home, owners develop the practice of plugging in their car at night to charge it, much like they would their cell phones. You can take advantage of the downtime and off-peak hours knowing that you will be completely prepared to leave in the morning with a full charge, saving time and money. The time it takes to travel to a public charging station and wait — sometimes for hours — until the EV has enough range for your needs is also saved by choosing to invest in an electric car charger installation.

Our electric vehicle charger process is simple and efficient. After inspecting your electrical panel, and electrical system, and selecting the perfect charger location, we can install your home EV charger within hours. It is our goal is to make the entire process of purchasing, installing, and servicing your new home with a high-speed EV station as seamless and effortless as possible.

Solar Panel Removal and Reinstall In Atlanta, GA

At Custom Solar Solutions, our solar panel removal projects are as equally as exceptional as our initial solar installations. We adhere to stringent safety regulations created to safeguard your investment and guarantee system efficiency. You can be sure that your solar panels are in good hands whether or not we were the original installer of your solar system.

Our Solar Panel Removal and Reinstall Process:


1)    Pre-Removal Site Visit

The majority of our removal and reinstallation projects begin with a thorough site visit. This data will be used by our designers to produce an exhaustive site plan for your solar removal and reinstallation project. This strategy will be discussed with you in advance of the project’s start and act as a guide for our installation personnel the entire time.

2)    Removal Scheduling

To schedule all removal and reinstallation dates, our service department will communicate with you and your roofing company (if applicable) directly.

3)    Storage

We will carefully compact your panels and store them at your property in a designated safe location while your roof receives its necessary repairs.

4)    Installation Scheduling

Our solar professionals will arrange for the solar panel installation to take place as soon as your schedule allows and weather permits.

5)    Replacement and Last Inspection

Your solar energy system will be cleaned, optimized and reinstalled with proper hardware, such as standoffs and racking, and it will be covered by a 2-year workmanship warranty. We will carry out a final onsite quality check after installation is complete to make sure the system is operating as intended.

Although modern solar panels are made to perform at their best for decades, a lot can change in 20 or more years. Homeowners may occasionally need to have their solar panels taken down and put back up. You might need to make a small roof repair or install a new roof, or you may even be relocating to a new home and want to take your solar panels with you.

Despite your motivations, it takes skill and proper solar equipment to remove and reinstall solar panels. It’s always advisable to let a qualified solar installer handle the work to prevent breakage or faulty re-installations that could severely influence solar panel system performance or create a fire danger. To begin your customized solar solution process, speak with us today.

What To Expect During a Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation

Should you need solar panels removal and reinstallation service for your house, we must unbolt them from their mounting hardware and cut any wiring. The solar circuit needs to be unplugged from the main line in order to complete the removal process. Our solar company will also need to remove the mounting device if you intend to sell your house after it has been removed. Even while the procedure may seem straightforward, it is important for this process to be carried out by a solar technician who has the necessary expertise and proper tools. If not, it could result in expensive errors and more problems.

Solar Panel Repair In Atlanta, GA

Once you work with Custom Solar Solutions, you’re a client for life. But similar to your other utilities, your panels need regular solar maintenance, cleaning – and occasionally repairs – to ensure your solar system is operating at maximum efficiency for your home.

Any time your solar power system doesn’t produce electricity at its peak energy production, there is a missed opportunity to save energy costs. Your photovoltaic (PV) system may experience problems with energy output due to broken or damaged solar panels, dirt, and debris, an inverter that isn’t working properly, or faulty cabling. Issues including unreliable or inconsistent inverter reporting may result in false alarms or lead to the omission of a serious issue.

Even though solar panel issues may be difficult to identify and challenging to fix, our solar company is dedicated to working with our clients in the Greater Atlanta Area to find solutions. Whether there is an issue with the panel itself, electrical components, or the inverters, we’ll send our solar experts to your house to assess the situation and help identify a solution.

Our Solar Repair Services:


·       Replace malfunctioning solar inverters
·       Restore damaged wiring
·       Replace or repair platforms
·       Replace or repair solar generation meters
·       Correct solar panel troubleshooting
·       Correct ground faults, isolation faults, and earth faults
·       Replace or repair malfunctioning circuit breakers or fuses
·       Plus much more!


Don’t Lose Money with Low Efficiency & High Repair Costs:


We want to ensure that you receive the highest solar production out of your solar investment. Solar owners are finding that periodic inspections of their solar PV systems can save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of their solar energy system. In addition to solving your solar problems and making necessary repairs, we offer preventative maintenance services as well as solar panel removal services.

Whether you need a replacement, restoration, upgrade, or anything in between, there is a solution to all of your solar troubles with Custom Solar Solution on your side.

No Matter Who Installed It, We’ll Fix It

Our knowledgeable and certified solar technicians are experts at keeping your solar panel systems in top condition. We follow stringent safety and quality standards, which allows us to promptly resolve the problem and get your system back up and running. Our solar panel maintenance teams are capable of fixing a wide variety of issues with your solar array system

Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance In Atlanta, GA

Our care for your solar system at Custom Solar Solutions will not end at installation. Our goal is to optimize the amount of sunlight that reaches your solar panels. Our professional installers take this into account while positioning and orienting PV modules but maximizing sunlight capture also requires keeping the panels free of leaves, bird droppings, pollutants, and other debris.

To maximize clean energy production from your solar panels, they need to be cleaned regularly with the proper equipment. Minimal maintenance will optimize your direct sunlight exposure, increase energy production, and ensure a long lifespan of your solar system. Regular solar panel cleaning will also extensively reduce your dependency on pricey grid electricity so you can save more money while producing less greenhouse gas.

With this in mind, Custom Solar Solutions offers an Optional Maintenance Services plan to clean and check your panels every 6 months. As a leading solar panel cleaning company in Atlanta, we recommend that all of our solar installation clients take advantage of our premier solar cleaning services. Our goal is to ensure your clean solar panels will continue to produce at their peak performance for years to come.

Benefit from our Solar Cleaning and Maintenance Program

  • Increase Effectiveness

Your panels’ overall efficiency will undoubtedly rise if you clean them. Numerous statistical findings suggest that this efficiency and performance boost might be significant, reaching up to 21% in residential arrays. Take care of your investment by guaranteeing that your rooftop panels are set up for optimal effectiveness. A significant improvement can be made with a routine solar panel cleaning service!

  • Aesthetic appeal

Nobody wants a dirty solar panel system that looks old and is coated in dirt on their rooftop. Cleaning your solar panels regularly is equally as vital as maintaining the cleanliness of the rest of your house. Your property will look better thanks to this kind of regular upkeep, which will appeal to both you and your guests.

  • Shorten the ROI

The cost of installing solar panels in your home isn’t cheap, so you want to make sure that you see a return on your investment as quickly as possible. A lack of regular panel cleaning might extend the time it takes to see an ROI. On the other hand, regular cleaning them makes them more effective since more light gets to the cells, which increases ROI.


  • Increase Durability

Your surroundings are filled with numerous soft sand grains, dust, and trash. If you don’t frequently clean your PV panels, debris will eventually accumulate and cause wear and tear. Even while it may not be noticeable right away, over time your panels’ efficiency will drop, and you run the risk of having equipment that breaks down far more frequently.

  • Inspection

When we clean your solar panels, we get the chance to check for possible solar panel repairs while conducting a physical and visual inspection. We conduct a customized cleaning process with specific cleaning methods for each of our clients. Even if you would only like an annual inspection, we want to make sure we have the opportunity to regularly inspect and assess the state of your panels to ensure your solar system is maximizing its energy output.

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