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  • 5-7 year ROI
  • Totally renewable energy!
  • No Emissions
  • No Noise
  • No Maintenance
  • 30% tax credit – ELIGIBLE
  • No ROI
  • Fossil fuels
  • Carbon Dioxide / Monoxide emissions
  • Noisy
  • Annual maintenance
  • 30% tax credit – INELIGIBLE

The payback is sooner than you think!

Opting for a solar battery backup over a traditional fuel generator offers a cleaner, quieter, and more sustainable solution for reliable energy independence. Unlike generators dependent on fuel, solar battery backups store excess energy generated during the day, ensuring a consistent power supply without the need for constant refueling.

With no emissions and the ability to integrate solar panels, they represent an environmentally conscious choice. Additionally, solar battery backups offer lower long-term costs through strategic energy consumption, making them a prudent and forward-looking investment in a clean energy future.

Backup Generator Battery Backup
Cost $7,000 – $15,000 $10,000 – $20,000
ROI No Return on Investment 5-7 yrs: Utility Costs / Home Value / Backup / Renewable
Fuel Gas / Gasoline Solar / Wind / Hydro / Electricity
Emissions Carbon Dioxide / Monoxide NONE
Noise Level Low – High NONE
Maintenance Annual NONE
Warranty 3-5 years 10-15 years
Power Output 2 – 24Kw 15 – 19 Kw
Uses Backup Power Continuous / Backup Power
Placement Outdoor – Slab / Fuel Source Indoor – Wall / Floor

Solar Panels

Transform your home with solar panels: sustainable energy, reduced bills, and a greener, eco-friendly lifestyle.

Battery Backup

Solar batteries provide reliable, continuous energy storage, ensuring consistent power during outages and maximizing solar efficiency.

Choose Custom Solar Solutions

At Custom Solar Solutions, our local expertise, NABCEP certification, and a track record of 1000+ successful installations ensure top-tier service. Choosing us means personalized solutions, quality craftsmanship, and ongoing support, making your transition to solar seamless.

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Reliable Energy Storage
  • 24/7 power backup.
  • Ensures uninterrupted energy.
  • Mitigates grid outages.
  • Consistent power supply.
Environmental Sustainability
  • Lowers carbon footprint.
  • Promotes eco-conscious living.
  • Harnesses clean energy.
  • Sustainable power source.
Increased Energy Independence
  • Reduces grid reliance.
  • Energy self-sufficiency.
  • Lessens utility dependence.
  • Greater energy control.
Optimized Energy Consumption
  • Off-peak power usage.
  • Cost-effective energy management.
  • Maximizes solar usage.
  • Efficient energy utilization.